About Us

About Us

We are just a coupe trying to find a way to stay busy in this time of the end.  It’s so easy to be distracted.  The more we work, the more exhausted we are and the less energy we have to give to Jehovah.  Our solution to this problem is to leave everything behind and serve where the need is greater. Basically, we want to preach as much as we work now and work as much as we preach now–our lives in reverse.   Staying spiritually busy is our goal.  But where will we go?  How will we go?  When will we go?  We want to invite you to be part of this exciting journey as  we ask Jehovah for his guidance and work in harmony with our prayers.

Our hope is to encourage others who also have similar goals. I look forward to your encouraging comments.  Some of you may be very well informed on certain subjects and your help is very much welcome.

Welcome to our journey as we plan to reach out!


Alfredo and Candace