Here we are! Send us!

Here we are! Send us!

13416754_10153505058067391_66095132610158300_oI met my husband in 2006.  He has been a blessing to me and came to me when I needed him the most (“You have no idea.  That’s a different blog”).  My youth was full of spiritual activity and lots of fun.  When I met Alfredo I was a well rounded adult and ready to marry.

Alfredo and I have different backgrounds.  While I was raised to set spiritual goals (“Sky’s the limit” when it comes to giving back to Jehovah), Alfredo was raised to think about his future and to create a stable life for himself.  We have so much in common but in this area we differ.  The goal of serving where the need is greater was mine, not his.

I served in Dominican Republic for a total of 9 months and although it was 16 years ago, for me it feels like it happened recently.  I loved it and I hold it close to my heart.  It changed me and taught me so many things.  I didn’t just learn a language and make life long friends, I also learned about our worldwide brotherhood, how much Jehovah loves his people and how important the ministry REALLY is. I had to grow up fast and my way of thinking about things changed.  I stopped only because I wasn’t sure how to continue and support myself financially.

When I married I kept looking for ways in which it would be possible for both of us to survive in another country and preach.  My husband was not thinking of this at all.  He was content being part of the local congregation.  My mentality has always been that because we do not plan to have children we owe our extra time and energy to Jehovah. Christian parents have a hard responsibility given to them by Jehovah.  What does Jehovah expect from a couple that chooses to be childless?  Wouldn’t he expect more sacrifices in the ministry from us?   I kept it in prayer. “If Jehovah wants us to go and help in another capacity, my husband will eventually see its benefits.” – my silent prayer.   Quietly I prayed and made plans.

One day, to my surprise, my husband began asking questions about living in another country.  Since I was making these plans already, I had been working online teaching English and he realized that perhaps we could do more.  His job drains all of his energy and the only way to do more is to reduce costs.  How do we do that on my meager salary?  We move to a cheaper country!  I tried not to get to far ahead of his processing this idea but in private I praised Jehovah.

In 2013 we visited Costa Rica to visit a friend and Alfredo loved it, but I had Dominican republic in my heart so we made plans to visit.  In 2015 we went to Yamasa, Dominican Republic, where I had served 16 years ago.  The friends there still remember me and I consider them family. They remain in my heart.  To my disappointment, my husband did not feel very comfortable in the country.  He loved the friends but Dominican Republic is not for the faint of heart.  So now what?

So do we go to Costa Rica?  What about Colombia?  I have always wanted to go there.  Someone told me about a little island of Honduras that needs a lot of help in Spanish.  Another sister was trying to recruit us to Nicaragua and I have heard of all of the work that needs to be done there?  I am adaptable.  I am open to anything.  Then I got a call from an old friend….

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  1. Hi Guys, I read some of your blog with great interest. My Name is Stuart Noakes and I have serving as a Need Greater in the Dominican Republic for 10 years with my wife and Daughter. To cut to the chase, if you guys need some online work to help you out as need greaters, I might have something that fits. Drop me a line to my email and I’ll send you the info. I actually have a number of positions for native English and Spanish speakers so if you know of others that need work too, please pass on my details. Keep enjoying the best life ever!! Your brother Stuart

    1. Hey brother Stuart, my husband and I have been serving in Ecuador for the past year and a half. We love it, but our savings are nearing the end. We would love some information regarding your online work.

    2. Hello,
      My husband and I are native English speakers from California. Could you please send us some further information on the positions available?
      Thank you.

  2. Hi, your blog is very interesting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing with us how Jehovah has blessed you in your move, or even before your move, His blessings were apparent.

    My husband and I served for 3 years in a country under ban. We returned home (Zimbabwe) due to visa issues and now we are making plans to go and serve in Colombia soon.

    I was wondering if you could get us in touch with the brother mentioned above, Stuart Noakes, for some online work. We were ESL teachers in Asia for 3 years, so we have got some experience in this area. We would really appreciate your help.

    Your blog has helped to calm our fears and continue relying on Jehovah as we make plans to move to our next assignment. Thank you.

    1. Hi again. Did you get the information for Stuart Noakes? Let me know. Sorry I am so late with my answering.

  3. I posted the comment above before I even finished reading your blog🙈, realized that you are yet to go to Portugal right? My husband and I wish you Jehovah’s continued blessings as you continue making plans and checking off items on your to do list.

    I liked the post about your natural hair….it’s beautiful by the way. I also have natural hair and have been wondering if I will find my staple products in Colombia🤔. It was nice reading about your concerns as well…😀. Making your own products is a great idea….but I’m sure you’ll find your staples once you arrive 😀.

    1. Hi Carol. I am so sorry to for taking this long to answer you. We’ve been traveling and it was hard to update. I am now trying to put up updates about out trips. We have been in portugal for 2 weeks now and I will eventually write about that. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I also wish you and your husband the best and I will keep you in my prayers. I have not had the chance to look for hair products yet. I put up a couple of posts, one about Cuba. I would love to hear about cololmbia! Do you have a blog?

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