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Training-Phase 1 

I had been praying to Jehovah to bless us with the opportunity to serve where the need is greater.  When I married my husband, all I could think of was serving in Dominican Republic with him.  I then realized that I needed to be open to options, so I prayed to Jehovah to send us somewhere that needed help–preferably overseas, where we could work less and preach more.  Jehovah knew we weren’t ready yet.  We’ve been in training all of these years.

Our congregation in Connecticut was a strong one.  It was a loving, united congregation, full of pioneers and with loving and encouraging elders.  You could see the strength of the congregation at the service groups.  The service groups were usually full.  We meet in the mornings, afternoons and evenings with great support.   Alfredo and I found our place among them as part of the family.  They are still part of us and we miss them dearly.  They were encouraging to us.  We grew with them.  But while they were encouraging and building us up , we were learning from them–part of Jehovah’s training.

Training- Phase 2 

Moving to California was not in our plans.  We wanted to get away from the cold weather and we thought we would go to Florida; my husband ended up getting an offer to transfer to California instead. When we decided to take it, I prayed over and over to Jehovah that we would NOT end up in a congregation that needed help within, I only wanted to help in the territory.  I have learned sometimes Jehovah answers you by giving you what you told him you don’t want because he knows you need it.  New Britain was training on how to be encouraging and how to work hard.  We needed to activate that training in a place where we needed to use it.

I didn’t think that I was skilled enough to be part of a congregation that needed encouragement.  Jehovah answered my prayer by giving me what I said I didn’t want.  He knew I needed training.  We realized that we ended up here for a reason so my husband said to me, “Well, let’s get to work.”  This is the first time in my life I’ve had to  learn to encourage rather than to expect to be encouraged.  I don’t even think I’ve been in a congregation in Dominican Republic that needed as much help as this one did.  The friends are loving and precious in Jehovah’s eyes–mostly all fairly new in the truth and still learning, very humble and shy at times.  It’s very important to treat them delicately with love; they need heartfelt encouragement to continue to grow.   One thing that I have learned is that no matter what, I must always be positive and trust that Jehovah sees what we see, hears what we hear; he provides his Holy Spirit to keep us moving forward even when we feel tired.  When we feel like we are not doing enough Jehovah gives us motivation to keep going.  This congregation not only showed us how to be positive with our brothers and sisters, but they gave us a lesson in how to be giving.  Alfredo and I have never felt as much love and generosity as we felt in California.  They love to work and they will give their energy and know-how to you as a gesture of love.  I must practice this type of generosity.  This was our training for Portugal.  We will be in a group and as it grows it will be full of new comers.  I want to be refreshing to them and I don’t want to forget the little ones as they learn alongside their parents.  I am happy for all the lessons I’ve learned in the past 8 years.  If we had left the U.S. any sooner I would not have had the chance to come to know and love and be taught by these wonderful people.


All steps are done!

All steps are done!

I have good news!  We are ready to go!

Once we made the decision to serve where the need is greater, we could see how Jehovah was paving the way for us.  Some of our obstacles had to do with human imperfection, which could have left us feeling as if this was going to be impossible, but Jehovah helped us see that they weren’t even a a problem.  Matthew 6:33 and Malachi 3:10 have reminded us not to fear because he always keeps his promises.   We are living proof of that.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of personal experiences we have as a demonstration of how Jehovah has been holding our hands this whole.

Step 1: Finding an affordable apartment

Once we decided to go to Portugal for sure,  we realized that we needed to find a cheaper place to live.  Prices in Sacramento county have skyrocketed and nothing, it seemed, was cheaper than where we were living; and where we were living was still expensive since they raised the rent so high.   We came across our current home, a nice spacious townhouse, which still allowed us to entertain and with a second bedroom for an office since I work from home, but best of all, it was about $200 cheaper than what we were paying before.  This place was a blessing because it saved us money while allowing us to continue to be hospitable to our brothers and sisters.  One of the ways that we serve in our congregation is by entertaining and being hospitable.  We cut cost without needing to go smaller, allowing us to continue giving to our brothers in this way.

Step 2: Better paying job

I was told by Margarida that my previous salary at my previous company was enough, but when I did the math I realized that money would be tight and I would have to take on more hours to make ends meet.  Since I am going to be the only one working at the beginning, this was very concerning.  As soon as I prayed to Jehovah about it, I received a random message on Instagram from my friend who put me in contact with the brother from the website  (My friend knows nothing about teaching online so this unexpected message was definitely her being used by Jehovah.)  The brother was mentioning in his Instagram update that his company was hiring teachers.  Long story short–I got the job!  It pays double of what I was getting paid at my previous company, the hours are so much better and I enjoy the classes more.  I work less but make more.  On top of all this, Alfredo has the option of coming on board to teach Spanish with them in the future.    This job was a true blessing.

Step 3: Going in April instead of September

When I started this blog I spoke about arriving to Portugal in September, but Margarida and Juan talked us into moving the date up to April.  Once we made that decision, it was as if Jehovah was speeding up time.  My husband’s job had been closing offices little by little in different states.  So we jokingly mentioned how it would be so great if his job would close the office in California so that he could take the severance.  (I had been secretly praying that if they were planning to close in the year of 2017 that we wouldn’t be leaving before the the announcement is made.)  Then one Thursday my husband called me from work and told me the surprising news:  Verizon Wireless is relocating and they are offering a severance to those that chose not to move with the company.  We are so grateful to our heavenly father, Jehovah for this blessing that came at the right time.  Bring on the severance!

Step 4: Visas approved

I was so nervous about whether we would be approved.  We were so careful about getting the proper paperwork together.  We prayed constantly.  For Portugal to be successful we needed to be allowed to live there.  We found out that we were approved at the beginning of January and although I had a bit of a hard time getting my passport back we are all set.  Our visas are in place and we are ready to present to the SEF in Portugal to get our permits.

Step 5: Finding a tenant to transfer our lease to

One of the hardest things to do was to find someone to take over this apartment.  We were shocked that finding someone would take so long, but we did!  Since we could see how Jehovah had been paving the way for us we were not really concerned.  We were prepared to pay the $3000 if we had to but, of course, we wanted to keep this house.  We kept praying about it but I knew that even if we had to pay the extra 3 months Jehovah would make it so that we wouldn’t even recognize the money was gone.  A sister who has helped us so much since we’ve been here put us in contact with a coworker of hers.  He came by, applied and today he was approved!  Jehovah has paved the way.

The only thing left to do, is to sell everything and pack  and present to the SEF office in in Portugal.    We are truly reliant on Jehovah.  There is no obstacle that is too big if we continue to have faith in his promises.  These next few weeks are going to be difficult, but nevertheless, joyful.

Next on the agenda:  The adventures of Alfredo and Candace- February 26-April 21.  Stay tuned!











Forward March

Forward March


Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that Jehovah is good; Happy is the man who takes refuge in him.”


Wow!  So a lot has happened between my last post and now.  We are actively putting our faith to the test.  I just watched the first two parts of the Gilead graduation and it spoke about what this means.  Once we put him to the test for the advancement of the Kingdom, he is obligated to fulfill his promise to us in Malachi 3:10 and Matthew 6:33.  We are seeing first hand how he keeps his word and he is the God that cannot lie.

We always knew that it was a matter of time before my husband’s job would relocate and we hoped to plan our move to Portugal at the right time.  Last year I asked Alfredo if he wanted to move in September 2016 with the Veloz family and my husband said that he thought we should wait.  This was guidance from Jehovah because we prayed, not that hundreds of people would lose their jobs, but that if the company was planning a relocation from California that we would plan our leave just in time for him to receive the severance pay.  (They’ve been closing departments and offices and we speculated that they would do the same in California.) His job is stressful; he wanted to quite early and that was something we considered but I took to praying more.

Jehovah’s direction evident 

Deuteronomy 28:2 “All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you,because you keep listening to the voice of Jehovah your God:” 

About a week after my husband told me that he NEEDED to leave the job he called me from work and said, “You’ll never guess what just happened…”  After making me guess for a minute he told me the office in California is closing and they can either relocate or take a severance.   I think I screamed in his ear and he said that he was trying not to be happy at work since this was bad news for everyone else.  It’s not that we prayed for the office to close (Jehovah would never answer that prayer), but we prayed for correct timing if the company was in fact planning to move in the near future.   Thank Jehovah we did not go early with Margarida and for the strength he gave and continues to give to my husband to hold on.

My husband ends work at the end of January.  He will take the severance pay–money very much needed.  We’ve seen two major ways of how Jehovah is helping us with our plans.  The first one was helping me get a better paying job and the second is the timing of our leave to coincide with our plans.  That is not to forget all of the other small things we’ve been experiencing as well.

Marching forward

We are leaving California at the end of February.  First we’ll do some travelling.  We will arrive in Portugal mid April.  Tickets are all paid for!  We bought our tickets on total faith in Jehovah that this will all work out.  We still do not have our visas for Portugal because the tickets were so cheap that we felt we needed to snag them up right away.  Our prayers are still strong and steady.

We are now gathering all of our paper work.  We wanted to send the application this week but we came to a halt when we found out that we needed a reference from Portuguese citizen to provide us with their contact information and national ID.  One of our Elders just sent the Brother a letter so that he can give us the reference.

Jehovah is the God that can cause anything to become as long as it is for the purpose of his will.  It’s scary, at times, to put faith in him.  We have to make decisions and sometimes those decisions are made before we are sure of what the outcome will be.  Besides the decision to buy our tickets now, we decided that we will leave even if no one picks up our lease.  That would mean that we will be paying 3 months rent for an un occupied apartment.  We are praying hard to find someone who wants to live here, but whatever happens, Jehovah will provide as he has all along.




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All of these time-honored publication need a new a home; it’s bittersweet.  We no longer use them but we keep them because they are treasures.  They are celebrated as a significant part of our spiritual inheritance.  Oh and especially the songbooks, I can’t get rid fo those!

It’s not reasonable to take them with us overseas– all of these yearbooks and other valued publications.  We have too many and it would be a hassle, not to mention, too costly.  I have also inherited old vinyl records of the kingdom melodies for both the fucsia and beige songbooks.  I was told that I could throw away the publications since the branches do every year,  (It wouldn’t be wrong) but that idea broke my heart.  Throwing them away should only be our very, last option.    And what of the vinyl records?  I could never and would never throw those away so I needed to find a home for them.

A sister suggested to contact the Yuba City Assembly Hall since they have old publications on display.  I thought it was a great idea, and this past Friday we had our pioneer meeting there.  I noticed a bunch  of volunteers working in the dining area so I went in to take a peek.  The first people I saw were three sisters sorting out old publications that were spread across two tables.  I asked them how I could donate my old publications and the sister told me that they are there every Friday and all I have to do is drop them off.  She said they don’t throw anything away because whatever they don’t need usually ends up in the hands of a very appreciative brother or sister who highly esteems them and who still sees the benefit of keeping a physical library as opposed to a digital one.

I feel relieved to know that my publications will have a new, trustworthy home.  These publications will not be seeing a dumpster anytime soon.

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What’s not holding us back

What’s not holding us back

Most of my posts are about me meditating and processing what we are planning to do.  Writing helps me do that.   Alfredo is very much ready  to go and so am I.  I was pondering over why we CAN and SHOULD go.  If I were to think of a good excuse as to why we shouldn’t go I can come up with a long list like this one:

  • My parents are in their sixties
  • My family is here
  • I can pioneer here in the states
  • We’ll have less money
  • We’ll be starting from scratch in another country
  • We have no ties in Portugal
  • My husband will be giving up a good stable job

These are all very good reasons not to go, but at the same time they are not good enough.

My parents are now in their sixties

Although these details need to be taken into consideration, I can’t use this as an excuse not to serve where the need is greater.  My parents love me and they would love to have me near them, but they are still independent.  They drive.  They travel a bit and even though they do not have the health and energy that they used to have, they do not yet need 24 care.  My mother is a pioneer and my father has a little part time gig that keeps him busy.  Do they NEED me to always be around?  No, they don’t. They would like me to be, understandably for parents,  but this is all their fault. If they hadn’t trained me to put Jehovah first and to make preaching my career I wouldn’t be leaving the country.  So, thanks Mom and Dad!

Fortunately, I don’t have parents who are very possessive.  They are considerate that we are adults and we are independent.  They don’t guilt us into always being around by playing the “I am so old.  Soon I will die” mind game.  This is why I appreciate them.  However, we are aware that soon they may really need us to be close and that is why we want to do this now.  When that day comes we may not be able to.

My family is here.

I love my siblings.  They have always been my best friends.  My parents have always been very supportive of our ventures.  We will miss them very much but fortunately, I don’t get too homesick.  My family is spread out, so we are used to being away from each other.  I just hope they visit us quickly.  Maybe they’d stay.

I can pioneer here in the states.

This is very true.  I am sure that no matter where we are in the world, we can reach out and my plan is to pioneer as long as possible.  When I watch the monthly broadcasts there are constant features and examples of brothers, sisters and families who move abroad to serve where there is a need for more Kingdom preachers.  We also have the series in the Watchtower study edtion “They offered themselves up willingly…” .  And in addition to those we have the yearbook and other articles and videos that are made to show us all of the possibilities in the preaching work.  We have decided that we can make this sacrifice right now.

There is a reason why these articles and stories of need greaters are featured in our videos and articles.  They are made for us to seriously ask ourselves, “Can I do that?”  Yes we can!

We’ll have less money

This can be a bit worrisome and it’s an issue that my husband is nervous about.  But if we had more money we would not get to see how Jehovah fulfills his promises in Matthew 6:33 and Malachi 3:10.  Jehovah is the God that cannot lie.  I have faith and total trust in him that if we put him first he will give us all that we need.

However, we also need to do our part.  We need to look ahead as much as we can and plan for certain outcomes as much as we can.  This is why I found a better job with better pay.  We need more money just in case my husband does not find a job right away, just in case we do need to return to help with my parents and to have a little savings to come home to visit and travel.  Planning ahead, not to be rich but to be ready.

We have no ties in Portugal

On the surface it may seem that way, but we are part of a worldwide family.  One thing that I’ve learned in DR is that no matter where we go or which language we speak, we have ties; we have family.  I have brothers and sisters and parents and grandparents all over the world.  It’s a lovely thing to experience.  I can move to Timbuktu and I will still have ties.

We’ll be starting from scratch in another country

Yup, we will!  This is a scary but an exciting thought for me.  I know Jehovah will help us through the challenges.  This move is not about me; it’s about those that are so precious in Jehovah’s eyes and need someone to help them learn about him.  If I learn to start from scratch now, I will be ready when we have to start from scratch in the new world.  In that case, starting from scratch is inevitable to our future anyway.

My husband will be giving up a good stable job

What about the nice stable job with all of the great benefits?  This is the part that makes leaving the hardest because it really requires reliance on Jehovah. So many others in the bible gave up a life of financial stability to serve where the need is greater.  Jesus was a well-known carpenter but he spent his life preaching.  Paul was an educated man but he became a tent-maker to support his preaching work.  Moses was living in the house of a king and he gave it up to lead Jehovah’s people, to mention a few.  Then we have modern-day examples of those who are doing this very thing right before our very eyes.  They never go hungry or are without a place to sleep.  Jehovah will provide.  I am not afraid.


This system of things was not made for the full time service so with Jehovah out of the equation, it seems a little irresponsible to leave.  Put him back into the equation and we are able to clearly understand this:

The only real logic for us not serve where the need is greater is if we become very sick or if  my parents need special care.  As long as these are not our situations, there is no real reason, that I can think of, why we shouldn’t.  Jehovah has the power to become all things.  Not only that, he also has the power to make us and anyone else to become anything for the purpose of the good news.  Jehovah will help us reason out these situations as we continue.




When I think of us serving in Portugal, one of the words that comes to my mind is ‘healing’.  Being secularly  immersed in this system of things is draining and it’s not healthy.

Alfredo’s  job is draining him.  His energy over the years has been depleted because of it.  Recently, he told me that some of his workmates were talking about taking a medical leave for anxiety.  They are experiencing difficulty breathing and other horrible symptoms.  My husband told me that he is not experiencing anxiety on that level but he has little symptoms here and there at work.  I know he has to leave it.  Today he called me from work and asked me if there was any way that he could quit his job by January.   At first I told him that he should try to wait at least until April but after I thought about it I told him to try to find a simple job at a grocery store or in a small office until we leave.  He NEEDS to quit.  I don’t think that he can handle it anymore.  Everyday I see him breaking down.

One thing that I have always said to him was that if we serve where the need is greater he could take about 6 months to a year off to recuperate.  I saw him stressed out and I knew that he needed this. Preaching the good news is emotionally and mentally healing.   A new life of mostly focusing on the ministry and helping others will relax him and bring him to a calm place once again.  It makes me feel good to know that because of my foresight I was able to prepare us for when my husband reached his breaking point.  If it weren’t for me deciding to work online to serve where the need is greater I would have to start from the beginning and maybe we wouldn’t be at this point now.  We wouldn’t have been ready for when he reached his limit.

Our leaving to serve where the need is greater is not only about the preaching work.  The preaching work is life saving, for them and for us.  We need relief and we need it badly.  What better way to find relief is there than to engage fully in the service?

Jehovah will be with us and direct us.  If my husband leaves his job early then his full time service can start here in the U.S.A.  If you’re reading this blog, we need your prayers.  We appreciate all of your support.




Here is what we’ve accomplished thus far:

  • Move to a cheaper place
  • Find teaching job 
  • Apply for FBI background check
  • Send off passports for renewal
  • Gather documents for visa application
  • Apply for Visa
  • Interview with Portugal Consulate
  • Receive visa stamp (with Jehovah’s help)
  • sell everything
  • buy ticket

download-2We are half way there!  We can’t apply for our visas until we get our FBI background checks and passports back.  I received my Birth Certificate the other day (found out that I was 5.10 lbs and born at 11:40) which we need for our applications.  It takes 2 months for the FBI background check to come in since we sent ours by mail.  We found out after we sent it off that if we would have gone to a law enforcement office with Live Scan we could have gotten our finger prints sent directly to the FBI and our report would have been handed to us the same day.  This means that the process does not have to take so long.  If I had my passport with me now and Live Scan we could send our applications today.  This would make it possible to actually leave within the next 3 months!

We are not leaving in 3 months due to our lease and a possible wedding but for anyone thinking of joining us, keep this in mind.  I am excited and I hope the time just flies by.

Should we leave sooner or should we wait?

Should we leave sooner or should we wait?

Margarida and her family have already arrived in Portugal.  The fact that they are finally there means that WE are now closer to our leaving date which was September 2017.  We were so excited to finally speak to them on FaceTime a couple of weeks ago and we got great information.

14195294_304353476597051_1471560404596042274_oThe Spanish group needs so much support.  When he arrived, Juan asked about how the territory was being worked and basically, it wasn’t, so he’ll be taking over the preaching work for this new field.  I think the preaching work in Portugal is going to be perfect for me–preaching by the beaches, no door to door before 11 am, preaching in new territory.  This matches who I am and I’m thrilled.

There was so much information that we got from that one conversation and once again, we were pumped.  So Juan asked us when we think we’ll make it there and we told him September.  His response was, “What?!  You can get here sooner.  Start now and you can make it by April.”   I liked that idea but about a year ago I asked my husband if he wanted to leave earlier and he said that we should still go in September so I shrugged off the suggestion.  A few days later my husband told me he liked the idea of going early and wanted to get the process started to get there by April.

Now there are some set backs.  One of my friends just got engaged and they are planning to marry in March and my other friend has expressed the possibility of an engagement and an April wedding.  I love weddings and I want to be there for both of them.  Also, our lease is not up until June so we have to see if getting out of it is possible.  One viable solution is to find someone to take over the lease so that the owner does not lose a month’s rent.  Who can we find to do this?

When we originally moved out of our original place we moved into an apartment on a month-to-month lease.  The idea was so that we could move whenever we needed to without any consequences.  Regrettably, that didn’t work out and we had to move from there quickly.  We were forced to take a lease to escape.  The place we live in is really nice.  It’s cheaper than the one bedroom we  previously moved out of.  It’s a townhouse with an upstairs and downstairs, two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a back patio, balconies off each bedroom, spacious living room and kitchen and a washer and dryer.  We think this place would be good for a small family or couple.  Today, at the meeting, I decided to throw it out there to a couple with a small child.  I told them what we pay for rent and the brother said that we pay less than they do and he was looking to cut down on expenses.  He also said his lease was up sometime in March.  Could this be perfect?  We have to see.  I told them that I will have them over for dinner and they can see if they like it.  If they do, we’ll have to talk to the apartment manager to see if they will allow us to get out of the lease early if we provide them with a tenant.  If they allow us to get out with our deposit the couple will need to apply and get approved.  Jehovah may be providing us a way to leave earlier.  We will keep praying about it.

downloadWe could be leaving California by March or April!  We are ready when Jehovah is.  In the meantime, the process has started–FBI background check was requested and our passports were sent off for renewal.  I just put our other paperwork in order.  When these documents comeback to us two months from now we will be ready to send out our visa applications.  Will we be able to send it out or will we wait to leave in June?  Praying, praying and praying.




unnamedWell my husband opened up his email and there it was!  I am so excited.   In one of my earlier posts I wrote about how one year feels so far away.  That’s why this letter is so important.  I needed something palpable from Portugal to bring the goal to reality.  Prior to this we had only been making plans for finding ways to save money– moving to a cheaper apartment and me getting a new job–but we didn’t have anything that said “PORTUGAL”.  This is the first thing we’ve received that actually states our goal.  Awesome!

The letter is very encouraging.  I love the scriptures that were referenced.  My favorite is Deuteronomy 28:2:

“All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you, because you keep listening to the voice of Jehovah your God:”

Because of this special letter, I will always remember this scripture.  I definitely know now that what we are doing is right and it will come with blessings.  I can’t wait to learn what those blessings are.

portugal-letterThe letter referred us to the Cascais, Spanish group.  We’d heard that there was another Spanish group in Lisbon, but we are happy to be referred to Cascais since that is were Margarida and her family are assigned.  It states that the Spanish group ‘needs all the help they can get’.   Again this makes me want to work harder to get there.  I just want to be used by Jehovah.   When referring us to this group we were given the name of the brother in charge and his contact information.  Our next step is to email or call for more information.

Margarida and  her family are now living in Portugal.  This is another step in our plans because they can give us more information now that they are part of the congregation.  Maybe we will Skype them before we contact the brother.  Jehovah is blessing our efforts and while he does that he continues to prep and teach us.  What a blessing.




What’s our next step?

What’s our next step?

LisbonWhat we have done thus far:

  • Move to a cheaper apartment
  • New ESL teaching contract with higher pay

Things yet to do:

  • FBI criminal background check (for visa application)
  • Gather other documents for application
  • send in application
  • Interview with Portugal consulate
  • Sell cars
  • Sell things
  • Buy plane tickets

When I look at this list I realize how much more we have to do in order to be ready to leave. What we’ve done thus far is only preparation for what we will be doing next.  Saving money (cheaper apartment) and making more money with a new job will help us, not only when we move to Portugal, but also when we go to the consulate for our visas.

Selling our things makes me the most nervous.  I suppose getting rid of things is so difficult because it puts everything into perspective and makes our move a reality.  Reality begs me to ask the question, “Are we really ready?”

I remember when I bought my plane ticket to  D.R.   After I did it I said, “What have I done?”  I sat there at the computer and questioned my decision.  When the day to leave finally arrived, I felt so reluctant.  (At that time whoever took you to the airport was allowed to wait at the gate with you.)  I gave my parents and sisters a hug and when I walked through the tunnels I felt my stomach turning.  I was doubting my decision to go for 6 months.  I was scared and I was going alone.  I remember the feeling of dread and I even began to cry walking onto the plane.  That is something I never told anyone.  I don’t let people see me cry.  I turned my face away from my family and kept walking because the tears were flowing and I had no control over them.  Yet through it all, Jehovah was with me.  That trip turned out to be the best thing I have ever done in my life; I have been forever changed.   It is the reason why I want to serve where the need is greater again, now with my husband.  But from that, I’ve learned that doubt and fear always come with change.  Those who give in to them miss out on the blessings and benefits of the gutsy transition.  Doubt and fear aside, I love change.  There is an adrenaline to it; I am always excited to see what’s new.

11753743_1100800009933717_1843563161421439597_nIt’s a huge life change.  This time, it’s not just for 6 months, it’s a move.  We are not going to a country in North America, like D.R.  We are going to a different continent: Europe.  Visiting  home will not be as simply done as it would be if we were going to D.R.  Again, I must ask myself, “Are we ready yet?”  We are. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are as ready as we can be. There is always room to grow, but growth needs to happen through hands-on experience and  Jehovah is calling for more workers to the field.  Bring it on.

When I hear the words ‘one year’ I feel like I’ve got time.  One year is 12 months, 365 days.  That seems like a lot of days.  But when I look at the list of things to do, I realize that one year will soon end.   We need to start  getting rid of things now, yet where do we start?  I’ve come to a realization that ridding ourselves of things will be the hardest part.  Should I start with the clothing, the shoes, or the books?  What do we do with all of the bible publications that we don’t use anymore–some because they are now replaced with revised versions and new understandings, others because we now download them on our tablets and phones.  Why would I carry all of those heavy books overseas with me if I don’t have to?  I am at a loss as to what to do with them.  I even have old albums of the Kingdom Melodies from the fucsia and the beige song books.  I am stumped. How can I get rid of them?

However, it’s when we sell our cars that the goal will become a reality.  I am projecting into the future and I can already anticipate my inner emotions.  That is when I’ll feel that fear and doubt that I felt when I went to D.R., but it won’t stop me.  I love change and so does my husband.  For him, the change is very much needed.  I look forward to seeing the light in his eyes from not having to work so much.  And unlike the time going to D.R.,  I now know how Jehovah will bless us and all of the good things that will come from this sacrifice.  I am eager for it.  My past experience has taught me that the feelings of dread and doubt are flawed and distorted emotions.  With Jehovah, we will experience love, confidence and clarity through his Holy Spirit and worldwide brotherhood and to that we say, “Bring it on!”