Encouraging Blogs from Other Needgreaters

Encouraging Blogs from Other Needgreaters

Here are a few blogs that I find encouraging.  Some of them are extremely helpful and educational for those of us who are new at it and those that want to get started but all of them are very uplifting.

The llora family serving where the need is greater (with children!)

Two People in Spain

Need-Greaters “Step over into…” Ecuador

Charley & Rachel in Nicaragua

One thought on “Encouraging Blogs from Other Needgreaters

  1. Hi Candace and Alfredo,
    I still reading your posts on The Perez Reaching Out – it’s very interesting!
    My husband and I have been serving in Nicaragua for 4 years 9 months and we’re now looking for a new place to serve.
    Portugal and the Spanish group where you are sound interesting.
    Could I contact you privately to ask you some questions about Portugal and where you are serving?
    Thank you for posting your experiences, may Jehovah continue blessing you!
    Silvia Livingston

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