The Call

The Call

Technically this didn’t start off as a call; it was really a chat or a message on Facebook.  ‘The call’ happened before my attitude adjustment that I discussed in my previous post.   The call is the reason I had to make that attitude adjustment.

 13438840_301307450206520_6017459198514268622_nMy cousin and his wife are serving in Thailand.  One night while I was chatting with her about deciding where to go, she told me that there is a sister from North Carolina who is planning to move to Portugal and that she will contact her for me.  Since I hadn’t made my attitude adjustment yet, I was not very interested in going to Portugal because I was concerned about dancing after service and music (I’ll refer you to my last post if you’re confused.) .  (I guess you can compare it to a painter.  A painter will always be concerned about available space where he can paint and create.  I am always concerned about available time and ability to dance, good dancing.  What can I say?  It’s who I am.)

My cousin’s wife, Cat, tagged me in a message that she sent to Margarida.  She hadn’t realized that I knew Margarida from DR.  Margarida told me that she and her husband, Juan, were going to Portugal to check it out and that they would let me know how it all goes. Margarida was already excited and in recruitment mode.  I told my husband and he immediately sat up in the bed and started to look up information and ask a lot of questions.  The first thing he said was, “I can definitely go to Portugal.”

Another part of my attitude adjustment had to do with how I prejudged the people in the territory. I was happy that my husband was interested but I was worried also about the preaching work.  I told my husband that I did not want to find myself in an area where there wasn’t much need.  I wanted lots of bible studies.  Margarida could not answer a lot of my questions at that point so we waited– not feeling to positive.  One thing Margarida did know was that the cost of living in Portugal was comparable to certain countries in Latin America.  This was good news.

10924711_10153017982829839_2921952610682380959_nMonths passed by and I got a message from Margarida, “We need to talk!”   I wasn’t in a rush because I hadn’t completely changed my attitude.  I had prejudged the country, feeling that the work was going to be difficult and that the people would be obstinate.  (Who am I to judge?  I see it now.  Jehovah is still working with me.)  My husband said, “Get in touch with Margarida and find out about Portugal.”  So finally I made definite plans to talk on Facetime.  She was with Juan and Mari.  All three of them with huge smiles on their faces and excited about what they found out.  Alfredo was there and Juan began to speak and tell him about the cost of living, the preaching work, the culture, etc.  We both liked what we were hearing.  I found out that they need so much help in Spanish that people were finding them before they even approached a person!  My ears perked up and I began to imagine myself there.  But I still had to ask– What do you do about music and dancing?  Solution.  We get together and dance. There are others there that are from areas where dancing is a huge part of their lives and so I don’t have to lose that.  I can also have siesta and the culture is really laid back.  I like that.  I already know I will like the food.  I come from a state where there are lots of Portuguese.  My father had lots of Portuguese friends who would invite our family to their houses to eat.

Jehovah helped me change my viewpoint.  I am now imagining my self preaching and helping in this country.  We both embraced the idea of going to Portugal.  I am so excited.  But we have to make changes and plans.  What do we need to do to get ready?