My attitude adjustment

My attitude adjustment

Erica and I

Could this be Jehovah’s direction?  Where do we go?  I think we just got our answer but I need to make some internal changes myself.  I needed to change my attitude about being completely available to Jehovah.  Let me explain.

11709864_1105145689499149_1873547758085315851_oI loved DR for all of the preaching and for the congregations there but I also loved the food, culture, music and dancing.  For me, These things are the most important things in life after Jehovah and my husband.  Dominican Republic was an easy adjustment because my days were basically service then good food for lunch, service again, good food for dinner, and  more than likely we would end the night with some music and dancing.  (I also loved siesta at 12. I can’t lie.) My husband loved Costa Rica.  Although I thought it was beautiful, I criticized Costa Rica because it was too quiet.  I love noise and loud music and DR is that!  I love good rhythm and DR is all about dancing to the beat of the drums.  Costa Rica was not as lively and the dancing was not as good.  You all probably think I am silly.  Anyone who LOVES music and dancing will understand my feelings.

Since my husband didn’t like DR as I did, I had to pray about it.  It was a hard adjustment in my heart.  I know that serving where the need is greater is about the ministry, but there were those perks that DR could give me that I would most likely lose in certain countries.  I began to meditate on the good feeling I had when people would listen to me and let me sit down to tell them about the good news.  I was able to really teach there.  I begin to ask Jehovah to help me with my attitude about where to serve.  I won’t lie; it’s still a work in progress, but I think I am ok.

So what have we decided?  We were leaning towards Costa Rica and Panama (where my husband is from) until the call.